Top 5 books

The Master and Margarita- M.A. Bulgakov

Crime and Punishment- F.M. Dostoevskij

Hearth of Darkness- J.Conrad

Suite Française- I. Némirovsky

Angela's ashes- F. McCourt


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an apple a day..

an apple a day..

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Hi guys,my name is Anna,I'm Italian and I'm studying foreign languages at the University of Padua. This is supposed to be my last year of studies,or so I hope,and I'm trying my best to finish asap,'coz it's really high time I were under way! I have many loves in my life,my Luv,my cats,books,violets and apples (but this is an old and long story to tell!). I don't want to bother you now,I'm going to tell you more in depht later! I'm waiting for you on my blog,read it,love it,hate it and feel free to leave any comments. This is the place I stay and it can be yours too!

Sunday, June 7

24h in Florence!

Hi all,
as I promised I've come back to talk about my last escapade around Italy! I don't know about you, but sometimes it happens that I only feel like giving all up,my homework, my courses, the work and my family, and jumping on the first train (or flight!) that passes near me!
Well,in the past this happened quite often but I seldom could do what my feet were asking me, mainly for money reasons-_-! Now that I've got sort of part time job I am much more free to do what I want,and despite the fact that I have loads of exams to do, I prefer to listen to my instinct, pack my things and go!
This time I decided to go to Florence to visit the city and have a relaxing weekend..I planned to stay away for 2 days but things went not that kind and my fab weekend turned out to be a 24h rush from home to Florence,back and forth..hectic,fast paced, but nice all the same!
Here some pictures!
Rainy day..bloody cold!!

Way to railway station..10 minutes before the train leaves..I'm 10 kms far from the to find parking!!
My travelling buddies..
And my safety bag:-)
Venetian country landscape outside the window..

In Florence now: my hotel..outer pretty ugly, but sooo nice inside!!

The bathroom, so bright and white I couldn't believe my eyes!!

The Old Bridge and the river Arno..

Old statues near the Uffizi gallery

I went in Florence mainly because I wanted to visit the Uffizi gallery so..booked a tour for 17.30,bought a guide and psichologically set myself for a cultural afternoon. Well,when arrived at the check-in I was told official tours stop at 18.00 so I would have had only less than a half regular tour..but in their website they said I could do the check-in until 18.00..incredibly annoying situation! These things can happen in Italy only-_-!! So I decided to leave the Uffizi and shift to a more interesting tour..the shopping tour!!
This is HM. The biggest one I've seen in Italy so far..and this is Matthew Williamson's star collection for HM! Woah,drop dead gorgeous, wanted to buy everything!!

U-huu, stains everywhere. Love 'em, savage cheetah passion!!

This is Simone, my trip mate..and personal shopping assistant:-)!

And this is me
Then came back and got ready for a real Tuscany dinner..that is Fiorentina steak and red farm wine! Absolutely yummy,hehe!!

I stop here to post pictures. I hate the way blogger upload them, starting from above instead from the bottom, it's a real loss of time and patience (isn't it absurd??)
Well, you know, when I came back I felt better for a while but then started thinking about my next destination..Berlin!! Dunno when to leave,maybe around the half of July.
Anyway,I'll let you know about my future plans:-)
See you soon,got to post a lot of things,ouch!!
Have fun,bye!


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