Top 5 books

The Master and Margarita- M.A. Bulgakov

Crime and Punishment- F.M. Dostoevskij

Hearth of Darkness- J.Conrad

Suite Française- I. Némirovsky

Angela's ashes- F. McCourt


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an apple a day..

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Hi guys,my name is Anna,I'm Italian and I'm studying foreign languages at the University of Padua. This is supposed to be my last year of studies,or so I hope,and I'm trying my best to finish asap,'coz it's really high time I were under way! I have many loves in my life,my Luv,my cats,books,violets and apples (but this is an old and long story to tell!). I don't want to bother you now,I'm going to tell you more in depht later! I'm waiting for you on my blog,read it,love it,hate it and feel free to leave any comments. This is the place I stay and it can be yours too!

Monday, May 18

and now..I do it in my own way!

Hi all,how are you doing? We've come to the end of this second semester courses and of this great e-xperience and I don't know how I feel. Really,I should be happy now that this course has finished because I have no more deadlines to meet, no more tools that drive me crazy to discover and use and I'm much more free to do and write what I want (if ever I wanted!); indeed,I'm really sad and there's no reason why. Or so it seems. Actually, I enjoyed this course so much, I loved the way our teacher made us discover all the possibilities of the Web2.0. I owe her very much, for she taught me a lot of funny and useful things and she made me make friends with a big enemy: technology! I have to admit, I still have some troubles with it, but it's nothing compared to the beginning (do you remember what I wrote in my first posts?)
Well, let's put feelings aside, now it's time to be serious and to talk about what I'm going to do in the next months. Last week we talked about the Personal Learning Environment (PLE), that is the set of tools and devices each of us chooses to use in order to follow on his/her own learning. This is in brief what a PLE is (I give the summary of an article by Graham Atwell):

  • "a PLE is comprised of all the different tools we use in our everyday life for learning", for instance university courses, blogs, social softwares and networks and so on;
  • "it is not an application but a new approach to the use of new technologies for learning";
  • it provides "learners with their own spaces under their own control to develop and share ideas".

Nowadays learning is taking place in many more places and ways than in the past; it's not just simply a matter of sitting down and listening to somebody talking and then putting into practice what we've learned. Of course it requires a great commitment, but now we have the possibility to choose what to learn and how to do it! To cut a long story short, we can create an environment of our own, in which to discuss and to go further in our education. An environment is something that surrounds us and is usually made up of many things; it is also open to external influences and allows people to come and go where they want. A blog, for instance, is a good means for doing so: you set your argument, discuss it and then leave the door open to comments. During this course I appreciated this new (to me) way to learn and improve my knowledge, I think that being free to manage our work is a great chance for a personal growth! Talking about my PLE, I tried to draft a first version of my future learning plan (I used the Freemind software, a very nice free tool to create mindmaps, try it!): it consists mainly in going on with my blog, reading books and other people's blogs, going to summer course camps, chatting with friends from English speaking countries (by using Skype, of course!) and travelling travelling travelling a lot!!

Here it is my PLE mindmap, take a look at it and feel free to leave any comments/suggestions/remarks! My PLE mindmap.

Well, I think that's all for now!
Talk to you soon,bye!

Ps: Since I am not sure that you can see it, I uploaded a jpeg version of my mindmap..I know it's a bit out of focus, but it's the best I could do:-)!


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