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The Master and Margarita- M.A. Bulgakov

Crime and Punishment- F.M. Dostoevskij

Hearth of Darkness- J.Conrad

Suite Française- I. Némirovsky

Angela's ashes- F. McCourt


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Hi guys,my name is Anna,I'm Italian and I'm studying foreign languages at the University of Padua. This is supposed to be my last year of studies,or so I hope,and I'm trying my best to finish asap,'coz it's really high time I were under way! I have many loves in my life,my Luv,my cats,books,violets and apples (but this is an old and long story to tell!). I don't want to bother you now,I'm going to tell you more in depht later! I'm waiting for you on my blog,read it,love it,hate it and feel free to leave any comments. This is the place I stay and it can be yours too!

Sunday, March 29

Do you wanna bookmark with me?

Hi guys,I know it's a bit late but I'm back again..
This week in the classroom our teacher-or I’d better say my Web wizard:-)!-opened a new window onto the infinite universe of the Internet. It all began with a brief discussion of the way we students look for and save the information we are interested in when surfing the web. Some of us said we usually write down the urls of the websites, others send links to their e-mail accounts, others yet bookmark the page on their browser!
Bookmarking? What does it mean?
In its usual meaning a bookmark is nothing more than a piece of paper or any other stuff people use to mark the page of the book they're reading so as not to lose their place and to come back later to it .
In the web language a bookmark is something rather similar, i.e. you can save a website in the bookmarks in your browser so that you can go back to it later
. Thanks to the Internet people can now find lots of news and information, for example using search engines like Google, and by just clicking on the results everything they need is displayed in front of them! Sometimes it happens that more than one result is interesting and worth reading but for time reasons it is not possible to do read everything and so one is forced to throw the dice and choose the best result off the cuff. In my little experience with web searching, sometimes I felt really lost when I started reflecting on which could be the most meaningful and useful article amongst all those displayed. I often had a look at the first two paragraphs and then gave up if it didn't suit my expectations but...what if it would prove to be more interesting later on? I would never know it! Well, let's write down the url on a piece of paper and track it down later at home; this is what I did for all the webpages that I thought could be useful for me. Of course, being a big muddler, I almost always lost all the urls and consequently had to begin my search anew! If I had known about bookmarking it would have been much easier!

Social bookmarking takes Web bookmarking one step further. Social bookmarking is the easiest and fastest way to save the results of a web search, to store them in a safe place and to share s.o's favourites links with other people in the same community. This sounds delicious! And Delicious is the name of a community which allows its users to do that ...what a catchy luscious name! Another advantage in using social bookmarks is that it is possible to see how many people have bookmarked the same webpage before I did- so it can serve as an initial skimming for authoritativeness and usefulness, and it is completely free!!
Wow, the more I go on with this course the more I learn..
Thanks Sarah, you’re giving a lot of amazing tricks- I really enjoyed this new one!
At the moment I haven’t found very many websites that I’d like to keep track of,but I'm sure I'll find more soon.

The ancient Romans were right: verba volant and scripta manent..but the bookmarked even more:-)!
See you soon,bye!


Valentina Tolfo said...

You're right, Anna, Sarah is making us discover a lot of useful tricks about the Internet! At the beginning I always feel lost, but then I understand the usefulness of the tools she explains us every lesson!
As I wrote in my blog, I really liked the websites you saved about Russia. I guess you studied Russian at university, am I right? Or are you just interested in this country? I'm very curious about it! Let me know! : )

Kitty Violet said...

Hi Vale,you got it straight! I'm studying russian as a third language and, unfortunately, this is my last year!! I really love russian,the culture and the people 'coz I think that,though they live in a frozen country and have experienced some of the worst troubles of the XIX century,they are very friendly and kind. I'm planning to go to Moscow for a summer course in July but I still have to fill in mountains of papers and any sort of documents (bureaucracy seems to be a world-wide illness!). I'm happy you enjoyed my links,as I wrote in my post I had little time to go through the fabulous world of del.ici.ous but I guess that there are lots of wonderful things that are just waiting for us to be discovered! So, let's go hunting, tonight I feel lucky! I'm going to take a look to your and Sara's choices too..see you tomorrow in classroom,bye!

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